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Mother and daughter duo Tanya and Elena Branzburg established Letanne in 2019. That’s where the brand’s name comes from, Letanne is a combination of both names. The brand’s conception started from the creation of a handmade oversized coat with unique weaving. The immediate recognition and attraction it received sparked the creation of an entire collection with more elusive pattern offerings. The impressions and feedback from people on the streets of major cities yielded in our collection.


Letanne is specialising in handmade knitwear from the finest quality fabrics such as cashmere, baby-mohair, and silk. Letanne is inspired to create comfortable and versatile pieces for any occasion, to elevate every style to be unique yet cozy. For Letanne is very important to help people, thus Letanne is focusing on hiring single mothers and retired people. By purchasing our pieces you are empowering our artisans since a part of each purchase is contributed to them on the sale of each piece.


Letanne is focused on sustainability throughout the entire value chain. Thus, it is of utmost importance to the brand to fulfill the highest quality standards when working with the finest materials from reliable sources. Letanne has no waste since it is possible to undo the garments and redo them into the new ones again.


The outstanding and diligent hand-knitting allows the garments to naturally regulate temperature, which guarantees that the coat can be worn throughout every season of the year. All collections are thriving on wearable pieces, subtle details, clear shapes, and recognizable patterns. In combination with the outstanding quality used, the collection highlights the comforting and warming charm of hand-knitted artisanship.